Emily Doherty: being a Miss Universe Australia Finalist

Apr 12th, 2017

Emily Doherty is a quite unique beauty and this is why she is a Venus (You can discover every detail here)

Your idea of beauty
Beauty comes from within. To me, the most beautiful people are the those with a kind and caring soul.

What you love of your city 
I have just moved to Sydney, Australia. I love its fast pace and the stunning beaches.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night
I am a big fan of Mexican food. I could eat tacos and guacamole all night long!

The best stores to have shopping in the city 
I rarely go shopping. I have a very simple wardrobe and wear the same classic pieces season
after season. I only wear black, white, grey and denim.

Your perfume 
Day time – Romance by Ralph Lauren
Night time – Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Your last travel and the next
I last travelled to Bali with my boyfriend. I am going to Africa in December with my family. It has always been my childhood dream to go to Africa as The Lion King is my favourite movie. I AM SO EXCITED!!

Your favourite artist
Definitely Tay-Tay (Taylor Swift).


Emily Doherty
IG: @emilydoherty_