KEITH HARING. About art. An introduction

Feb 23rd, 2017

The other night I was at the inauguration of Keith Haring at Palazzo Reale, Milan. I never studied about him at school but it is as if I had always known, so while I was in the queue I wondered “when was the first time I met him, as an artist?”. I do not know. And I think that applies to everyone.
When you describe it, the artist who makes the “little men” and uses bright colors and geometries, you understand and think “ah, yes of course, I know who he is.” I think it applies to everyone of us. The exhibition is a path that winds through thematic areas and not in a biographical way with the brilliant idea of ​​the curator to pull over, occasionally, masterpiece from the classic era and works of other periods (Klee, Picasso), by linking artist’s ideas and influences, in am ideal dialogue with those who have preceded him.

This great American, while I was wandering between his works, made me think of other big names in American culture, as Salinger and Hemingway. They make you say “I felt this way by myself” or “I could have written by myself”, a stile that has been imitated by many over time but remained original and unmistakable. While I was admiring Haring show, I thought that many people could think ‘well, but I could do that too”: an effective style, of which he was a pioneer, and therefore unmistakable.

His art is an art that you can imagine, you look and are immediately connected with the viewer. Often the paintings are not entitled, because they don’t require it. You can grasp, as well as the prose of those writers that are so intuitive that you connect with their characters with spontaneity. The works by Haring, hearts, colors, life and men not more precisely identified with names and surnames, or for craft making, so as to be referred to as “little men”, they then talk about us in general, beyond professions and specific identity, of Man in the highest sense, humanity.

In mid show we encounter a phrase on the wall, Haring himself: “I think I was born an artist; I think I have a responsibility to do that. I learned by studying the lives of other artists and studying the world. ” An invitation to the study and preparation, but also to cultivate all that is enclosed as a potential within us and transform it in the best possible realities. Having a talent is also having the responsibility to grow it.

From 21.2.2017 to 18.06.2017

Author: Giulia Poli