Galleria L’Affiche presents Up The Duff: an unexpected view of London

May 5th, 2017
Yesterday evening in Milan, Galleria L’Affiche inaugurated an exciting exhibition that wants to carry us to discover the metropolitan city of London through sculptures and canvas of two great authors, Rosie Leventon and Leandro Lottici.
Entitled Up The Duff, the exhibition introduces to the spectator a dialogue between the architectural sculptures by the English artist and the urban landscapes of London explained by the Italian author.
The works are realized using only the celotex, a material stolen from building industry and hidden into city’s structures.
The works propose an interesting vision of London lived as a mastodon populated by different cultures who share spaces and realities.


Leventon describes the reality of the city of Brent, where she lives, through three sculptures inspired by her personal experience lived during her travels in Middle East: pigeon nests and Buddhist temples that refer to all those architectural structures that compose the city, but remaining invisible.


Lottici carries the spectator into his highly abstract point of view, that wants to explain the fragmentation of human gaze into the chaos of the contemporary metropolis through his geometrical vision.



Galleria L’Affiche – Up The Duff
Via dell’Unione 6, Milano
4 – 31 May, 2017