On top of paradise

Mar 18th, 2017

At 3000 meters, between the eternal snows of the Presena glacier, you can spend a very unique relaxing time. After a beautiful ski day in Ponte di Legno and Passo del Tonale, it’s time to climb the cable car called “Heaven”, which takes its name from the most beautiful ski slope in the area. A long track over two kilometres: the view, snow and emotions take your breath away.

Ghiacciaio Presena ovvovia

Upon arrival, it’s time to descend and ascend at glacier with another cable car. I arrive. The Sun kisses the mountains and the sacred peaks of these places dear to the homeland. During the first world war, the Italian army, deployed in inhuman conditions on the tops, defended the motherland from the enemy. Even though in smaller numbers and with obsolete equipment, the “Alpini”, with indomitable courage, not ceded the land to the enemy, and in fact, they wear out the mind giving way to the reconquest of the country.

There is a poem written on an effigy which is difficult to translate that say “Love is not defined by a uniform, it is not created by a law, but is an Italian heart that shines, to teach love unto death”. In this frame of unsurpassed beauty and memories, I enter the spa, thinking about who gave their lives because I can now enjoy freedom, which I will forever defend. I am greeted by Serena, the local Manager. I remain enchanted by the beauty of her eyes, blues and Greens. His kindness makes me feel right at home. The little SPA is but a jewel ! After an excellent prosecco, accompanied by some strawberries, I take a shower and enter in Jacuzzi, overlooking the breathtaking mountain. I literally feel on top of Paradise. I make a sauna and while I’m lying, I’m enjoying the serene landscape that fills my heart.

Marco 6 Riky

It’s time to come back but there is still something I wanna do: photograph the beauty of Ice & wind games. You can discover the artworks here (and if you wish, you can enquire for an exclusive printed limited edition).