My three favourite beaches in Porto Cervo and Cala di Volpe

Apr 27th, 2017

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. Italy

Costa Smeralda is without any doubt one of the most beautiful place in the world. To me there is no place on earth like this. It is everything I love: wild, simple and free. I grew up in this land, I found and lost my first love, I lived so many emotions in every corner of this breathtaking part of Sardinia.

I love to come here in Spring because there is no one, flowers paint the earth and you can breath the most deep perfume of “Macchina Mediterranea”. It’s paradise. It’s also the most convenient moment of the year to enjoy the wonderful beaches that are so crowded during the summer. I will bring you, with a photographic journey into my favourite beaches of Porto Cervo and Cala di Volpe.

Grande Pevero

Backed by wonderful sand dunes, Grande Pevero beach represent the purest ideal of natural beauty. I can’t descrive water’s colours because it has infinite shades of blu. You will fall in love.


A little jewel of beauty. A very small beach, between trees and rocks. A must see.

Liscia Ruja

Let’s put things straight: I love this beach. It’s my favourite beach in Costa Smeralda, a piece of Paradise. It is very long (considering the beaches of Sardinia), that’s why I love to walk with my feet in the white sand and light blue. In front you have the wonderful island of Mortorio, in the back you have a magnificent mediterranean wood. Get lost.

Night sea

In the night sea, I see the reflections of our lifes.

mare notturno

With love,