A weekend in l’Avana

Feb 14th, 2017

A weekend in l’Avana.

An unforgettable weekend. A city that surprises you at every moment. A city made of simple people, accustomed to nothing but incredibly rich, because they still know how to taste, like nowhere else in the world, the most precious thing that we all have: time. Passionate, melancholic, tired dreamers but with fire in the heart. An architecture that speaks of history and distant centuries. A seafront like no other in the world: el malecon. Fantastic and super cool restaurants and the Caribbean sea of Varadero at just 120km. Enjoy a drink at Hotel National while looking at the ocean and have a walk (and an ice cream at Coppelia) in the Vedado district. Oh, don’t forget to turn off your phone (here internet doesn’t work) and enjoy every breathe ! Welcome to L’Avana.

La Habana Vieja

Just one advice: get lost in its streets. At any time of day, especially at sunset. Leave aside maps, get carried away by the people, by the colors, became part of the soul of the most authentic district of l’Avana. You will discover the Cathedral of Havana, 1950’s villas and little shops. Don’t forget to get one, well, as many as you want daiquiri at Floridita (the favourite of Hemingway).


Lose yourself in the eyes of the people. Deep, sad, happy, often lost. They will help you to look within yourself.

China town.

Yes, there is even here. Ask your driver a ride through it’s main street. It’s worth.

El Malecon

It is all that separates Havana from the past and the future. The sea.


Considered by many touristy, it’s absolutely worth the journey of two and a half hours by car (about 80cuc). An endless white beach, palm trees, pelicans, and especially a caraibic sea. Start your journey at the beginning of the beach, towards the calle 18 and enjoy a long walk in paradise.

Where to go for dinner.

Atelier. Inside a wonderful 18th-century villa, you will enjoy superb food and view ! Yes, there is a fantastic terrace where you can enjoy a good glass (or bottle) of wine. Calle5ta altos, entre Paseo y 2.

El Cocinero. Entering this 1913 factory you will think to be in New York ! The location is simply amazing ! Go up the beautiful spiral stair and enjoy a Manhattan’s style rooftop. The food is simply delicious. Calle 26 entre 11 y 13.