Happy 21 birthday magical Serena Nena

Mar 16th, 2017

Serena is a magical girl who carries within herself, the beauty of her island, Sardinia. Pure, simple, cheerful, intense, scented. Serena is the Mediterranean ideal of beauty. Every time I see her, I feel happy. I think she brings beauty everywhere she goes. Today she turns 21 years old. I made her a simple wish: to never change, especially during the passionate travel that are the twenties. Let’s discover this magical Italian girl !

Your idea of beauty

My idea of beauty is express yourself with every particular that can make you comfortable with your body and your soul even if the others dont like it. It’s beautiful to be different and we are living with some standard of beauty that we need to go over. There is something more than a stereotype. 

What do you love of your cities

I have two cities i consider my city. I was born in Olbia and i could never forget my hometown where i love parfumes and beach. In Milan for sure i love how you can change everyday your habits, you can do a lot of things and recreate yourself. 

Your friday night

My friday night is on sunday and as tradition I eat sushi for that day. So if someone want to go out with me on sunday must eat sushi! Ahah 

Your favourite shops

Im not a shopping addicted but i feel enchanted in front of sportswear even if im not so sporty ? 

Your perfume

SUN – GIORGIO ARMANI .. it smells like sunbathing cream so i love to wear it whole year! 

Last travel and next

Last travel was in morocco.. next one..wherever! I hate planning everything ? 

Your favourite artist

For sure, RIHANNA! ?

Venus: Serena Nena

IG: @serenanenax