Cecilie Hvidbak Østergaard: the Denmark model that is making the world fall in love

Mar 1st, 2017

Your idea of beauty
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. A great personality is where true beauty lies. Once you meet a beautiful soul, you will be spellbound, regardless of their physical looks.

What you love about your city ?
Copenhagen has the most amazing underground environment when it comes to creativity. You’ll never get tired of this city. There’s always new things to do and places to experience. It’s an forever evolving city.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night
There’s this Italian place called La Fiorita – it’s quite famous here. It’s entirely driven by italians and it’s almost impossible to order in Danish or English, which is quite fun. The food, the environment and people are completely authentique. Definitely my favourite restaurant for every occasion.

The best stores to shop in the city ?
I actually have a fondness for Second Hand shops, and I personally think that’s the best places to shop. I just love wearing clothes that’s unique, and Copenhagen has the biggest variety when it comes to Vintage.

Your perfume
Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

Your last travel and the next
Just came back from a couple of photoshoots in London, and next stop is going to be Boston and New York, where I will be having the privilege of working with some great photographers !

Your favourite artist
My favourite artist is no doubt Anderson.Paak. Always gets me in a good mood.
Kisses !

Venus: Cecilie Hvidbak Østergaard