Alice Short: the english petite model and fashion blogger that dreams Paris

Mar 5th, 2017

My idea of beauty

I find beauty in the romanticism of past styles. I want to see everything through a rosy-coloured spectrum; a feminine softness that is classic and elegant. I believe that kindness can be seen in the depth of people’s eyes. The most beautiful individuals are those that love fully and selflessly. Those who are old souls and act in a way that is pure, genuine and innately beautiful. People like that are keepers.

What do you love of your city

I adore the diversity of London, not to mention, the architecture and the unique atmosphere. I feel like no where else in England compares particularly. My heart does however belong to Paris or New York in preference – perhaps because they are new and exciting! I like to be continuously kept on my toes and adore exploring new cultures.

Favourite restaurant

I’m not really a restaurant kind of girl, I prefer eating in or having coffees or cocktails out instead! I would say that a restaurant with a skyline view is wonderful; there’s nothing better than gazing out into a dark starry night and seeing your home town lit up before your eyes.

Favourite stores

London has everything which is particularly magical especially at Christmas time. I have a continuous love affair with vintage so I often find myself thrifting and in antique stores. I also adore Liberties, Harrods, Agent Provoceteur and then lots of independent stores you find yourself in! It has something for everyone.


Giorgio Amarni – Si (it is heaven in a bottle)


My last venture was to New York. I hope to explore more places in America, Paris and Italy this year.

Favourite artist

My favourite artist is Rembrandt or Mark Demsteader. I adore the painting style of chiaroscuro! A few years ago, I would spent many sleepless nights painting in a similar style. It’s very therapeutic.

My favourite music artist significantly varies according to my mood. Black Sabbath will always be a favourite but then I also adore classical and so on!

Petite model and fashion blogger: Alice Short

Instagram: @roseofibis