Ruth Willow: when beauty and creativity come together

Mar 13th, 2017

Ruth Willow is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and model from Lancashire, England, of mostly English descent, along with Scottish, Irish, Lebanese, Jamaican and Spanish. She began picking up various instruments and a love for writing from a very young age, creating music in Orchestras to Jazz bands before developing and releasing her own originals. Her ‘soulful vocals’ gaining recognition after launching her solo career as a singer and songwriter in Summer 2014. Currently she’s working on brand new material, including an upcoming Album, with plans for a UK tour. Listen to his voice in the dark, with your eyes closed. You feel like you are flying. Let’s discover together this amazing and unique woman.

Your idea of beauty
Be who and what you are, completely, and own it with so much confidence that no one has chance to question it.
Everyone, place or thing, no matter how different, will be beautiful in their own way.

What you love of your city
‘Creativity’ – Manchester is full of enthusiasm for art and music, I don’t think you can walk through it without seeing at least one photoshoot or type of performance happening. Everyone is free to express their own look and their own style.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on a Friday night
‘Turtle Bay’ – There are some amazing restaurants, especially around ‘Spinningfields’, however Turtle Bay has the best atmosphere. You can really relax and enjoy your time with friends. A Reggae soundtrack with brilliant food and cocktails really helps transport you from the grey British weather, while it’s ‘Northern Quarter’ location also means that it’s full of character and a much cosier environment to match.

The best stores to have shopping in the City
Independent ‘Northern Quarter’ – We’re fortunate enough to have a beautiful Selfridges and lots of other large chain stores available, which means you can get almost anything.
Yet, it’s the smaller shops and boutiques, slightly hidden away within the ‘Northern Quarter’, that have the more unique finds and pieces that people can’t get so easily. That’s where you’ll find the one off jacket or vintage shirt that finishes off an outfit better than anything else.

Your Perfume
‘Clive Christian – Saffron’, It’s so incredibly rich and warm, that I dread the day this limited edition scent is completely gone! It is absolute perfection.
As irreplaceable as ‘Saffron’ is, ‘Versace – Oud’ has some similarities, which makes it a nice second in line.

Your last travel and the next
‘Last: Dubai // Next: Santorini & Athens’ –
While visiting the UAE, I didn’t just spend time visiting all of the wonderful tourist spots and breakthrough buildings. I was able to see both the old and new, the palaces, Deserts, the Grand Mosque, as well as experiencing the traditional cultures in the quieter locations. Traveling this way is brilliant because you get to absorb so much more of a counties unique influences, you can really appreciate the beauty of what you see, smell and feel so much more.
My next travels are actually my first to Greece, hopefully i’ll manage to experience it’s style and atmosphere across the mainlands and smaller Islands. It’s already been an inspiration to my creative work so I can’t wait!

Your favourite artist
Edith Piaf – I fall completely in love with the sound of so many artists. So to choose just one, I have to go classic. Edith is so powerful and so authentic that her and her life story is probably the biggest inspiration i’ll ever be able to find in music.


Photo Credit: Elevate Photography (NWC) , Arran Critchley , Don Mupasi , Rik Warren