Ruta Vingilyte: the beauty from Vilnius

Mar 21st, 2017

It’s a pleasure for us to introduce you Ruta, a beautiful and so cool Venus with an inspiring passion for fashion, which has bring her to study in Milan. Here she stands out for her ability to mix up the strictness of the east with the creativity of Milan, giving life to a really original and refined personal style.

We met Ruta in her Vilnius to discover more about her.


Your idea of beauty.

It is something that you feel instead of see, therefore it can’t follow any standard. In a person a true beauty lies in charm. In life, my vision of beauty is rather simple – something that borings joy to my eyes and heart, making me a little bit happier at least for a moment. Pink sky, blooming flowers, dazzling moon, or simply a finely cut Saint Laurent jacket; or the rebirth of Gucci after Alessandro Michele took over (lol). Speaking seriously, I don’t agree with the idea of searching beauty in every single thing. Not everything is beautiful and this is how we learn to distinguish. Instead, I do believe that beauty can be created. After all, aren’t we all living to “build” it – beautiful homes, families, minds, experiences, relationships…

What you love of your city ?

First of all – Comfort! It is compact yet has everything one can need and the people here are well organized. Especially after living in Italy I started to appreciate when things are getting done quickly. No offense, I love Milan and Italy in general! I am also impressed how vibrant Vilnius became over the past few years. I think the city still has a lot of potential and it will definitely grow further.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night

Bizarre Restaurant & Bar. It has nice mood and ambience that is essential for a good start of the night. It is also one of those few places in the city where people dress up.

The best stores to have shopping in the city ?

I could call myself a bit of shopaholic, however Vilnius is not the best destination to do shopping (and probably that’s a good therapy for me). I usually do most of it online or abroad. I enjoy being able to explore many brands under one roof therefore I love La Rinascente and Excelsior in Milan.

Your perfume

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez.

Your last travel and the next.

I know I’m not going to be the only one to say it, but I love traveling, however there are still many cities on my “to go” list.

My last one was to Milan. For the future I have already planned Amsterdam, Stockholm and Barcelona.

Your favourite artist

Eltjon Valle, Albanian artist and also my friend, based in Milan. I find his series of work “La vie est un papillon” truly magical.

Other artists I greatly admire come from the fashion world. From Christian Dior and Coco Chanel to Olivier Rousteing and Ricardo Tisci. I could never pick just one!

Was a pleasure answering!

Have a nice day,

Ruta Vingilyte

IG: @rutavng