Polaris Life at Fuorisalone 2017: when Italian creativity meets design

Apr 13th, 2017

Polaris Life – Contemporary Kitchen, is an Italian company based in Bergamo, born in 1961, when it introduced to the world of design the first modular modern kitchen.

“Our industrial setup brings together artisan tradition, the choice of raw materials and an environmentally sustainable approach to ensure the highest quality. Since our beginnings we have conceived each single piece of furniture as a single stylish, unique, versatile, and solid element characterizing the kitchen space”.

Its conception of design is unique and it represents the most important characteristic that differentiates its creations from the rest of the industry: its passion and its creativity is based on human-centered design. “People are at the core of our projects, with their needs and desires. This is why we are committed to creating functional spaces in which innovative, modern design elements, have the capability of making everyday actions more comfortable. Spaces in which new technologies are accompanied by a longstanding tradition revealing passion, artisan skills and attention to quality and the ambient”.

We met them at Fuorisalone in Milan to discover more about their lastest news.

Enjoy the interview!


Polaris Life

IG: @polaris.life