Natasha Lancaster. Pure Australian beauty

Apr 21st, 2017

Her name is Natasha (Tash) and she is a stunning 19 year old ruling the Australian land with hier beauty. Over the past year she has been working with many photographers, makeup artists and other models to build as much experience as possible. Now she is ready to be a Venus ! Discover some secretes of this magical girl.

Your idea of beauty

I see beauty in confidence, in expressing yourself and owning it.

What you love most of your city

Melbourne has the most incredible nightlife, so many places to go and different people to meet!

Natasha Lancaster

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on a Friday night

My absolute favourite place is called Loving Hut, it’s a little vegan restaurant with a Vietnamese inspired menu, food is the best I’ve ever had and is super affordable too!

Best stores for shopping in your city

For top quality lingerie Honey Birdette is absolutely incredible.

Finding treasures at Op Shops (thrift shops) is always rewarding as well.

Your perfume

I prefer to not use artificial perfume. I more often use a variety of different essential oils. My favourite at the moment is a blend of bergamot and vanilla.

Your last travel and the next

I went on a road trip with my best friend up to Byron bay last year. Was a lovely bonding experience.

I’m off to London and Paris for modelling work this May, will be my first time out of the country since I was little.

Your favourite artist

I admire many artists, but just one would be, Alex Grey. His work is so painstakingly detailed and the themes he explores with it are stimulating both visually and philosophically.

IG: @trash.caster

Venus page: Natasha Lancaster