Mike Lopriore: the new boss of Miami

Mar 17th, 2017

Miami, Florida (16 March, 2017)

Mike Lopriore: friend, brother, traveller, dreamer, entreprenur. It’s hard to define this young italian boy ! The characteristic that I personally most admire is authenticity. Is a passionate, full of life, with new ideas every day. He also share with me the same love of Italy, in particular for Tavolara, the most beautiful island of the world. We climbed along with other friends a few summers ago, unforgettable memories, as well as Cuban weekend (here you can read our guide of L’havana). Now he lives in Miami and is here to conquer America with his famous brand of shoes Michele Lopriore, launched in Milan more than 30 years ago by his dad. All right, without further delay, ladies and gentlemen, I present you Mike !

Your idea of beauty

Try to answer this question was really difficult, I wrote and deleted at least 5 times, I started to write about the beauty in the eye of a child, and think about my niece 3 years when testing (while looking herself in the mirror) the heels of adults andthen I deleted it. I wrote an infinite blue sky with seagulls flying and I obviously also thought about the beauty of a woman and the endless beauty of my father that the more time passes and the more many people tell him he’s younger. In general, the beauty is something that arises within us, a thrill, turn on a light that warms the heart and makes your eyes sparkle. Originality and know how to distinguish ourself from others by keeping our own roots. I think this is really the beauty of each of us.

What do you love of your city ?

Since I live here, I no longer really needed a car, and when I am back in Milan, it feels strange to drive. Moreover, Throughout the year I look at the thermometer and marks almost everyday more than 25 degrees. I think what I really love is this mobility that is almost priceless, moving from one side to the other of the city with less than $ 5 makes me realize that times are changing and are very quickly changing especially here in America. Miami is a living city, in particular in Brickell you feel the pressure of a city that wants to grow but of course, it does not forget to do well what it was born to do: have fun ! Sun, fitness, sea, go for more, I really love to see all these people having long runs in the morning but surprisingly also in the evening after 8 in the dark!

Favourite restaurant on friday night

First thing first: on friday night I usually always drink a glass of wine at Casita Messier. Second: no one will ever replace my carbonara, here there are many restaurants and choose one out of all is really difficult! Let’s say, Casa Tua in Miami Beach, really cute and reserved place and obviously the menu is written in Italian. An icon of miami for over 20 years there is also a small private rooftop where you can have a drink with DJ Set. But… remember my carboanra is unbeatable 😉

The best store to have shopping in the city

Are you kidding me ?  Well of course I’d tell you Michele Lopriore boutique at Brickell City Centre! Well for Americans it’s Miscell Loprior, Mixing loprua, or even MISCELLL WHAT EVER I CAN’T pronouce THIS BRAND ! Joking apart,  I also recommend to every lady around to visit Michele Lopriore stores in Milan, you can find everuthing, from beloved ballerinas (hated from all the boys) to fashionable sandals with velvet platue, variety of amazing products that maintaining a reasonable price for a great quality and of course Made in Italy, will make every girl happy ! ps. if you visit the store, the espresso is on the house!

Your perfume

Rè Giorgio Armani perfumes. Whatever, I love them all.

Last travel and next

Cuba was heart breaking, I will never forget it! I’m still CANSADO (tired in Cuban Spanish language) and the next trip will be Colombia! I have been meaning to go to Cartagena and sooner or later I will go!

Your favourite artist

I would tell you Vasco Rossi because in his poems, more than songs, I always found the words to make sense of the moments in life, but here I discovered Freddy Mercury so I would say him. Freddy Mercury really took my heart just a year ago, I knew nothing of the Queen, if you not the songs that everyone heard a thousand times on the radio. I started to read and to get interested in him, and there is no one day that I don’t listen at least 2 or 3 pieces of the Queen. In particular Freddy, its explosive energy and its voice have entered in my head and heart and belong to me.

Michele Lopriore

Brickell City Center


+1 786 837 0099