Marzia Moreschi: the contemporary art lover with a weakness for Milan

Mar 10th, 2017

I work for ProjectB, a contemporary art gallery based in Milan and founded in 2006 based on the idea of bringing the exponents of Young British Art to Italy and of promoting the work of artists already famous in their own countries, but still not well known on an international level.

The gallery has always paid close attention to the new generations too, with an observatory that gives visibility to the work of young European artists.


Your idea of beauty

I think Beauty is not a rule, Beauty is in the eyes of who is watching: Beauty is an African sunset, a puppy, riding a horse on the sand, a mother with her baby, a day with someone you love…and – of course – a piece of Art.


What do you love of your city

Milan has a lot of thing I love: the contrast between historical places and new neighborhoods; the fact that it is the most international city in Italy and I’m proud that we’re working hard on respect of the others and acceptance of our diversities.

I love the hidden courtyards, nightlife and different things to do, the possibility to reach each corner of the city by bicycle and in a relatively short time, the possibility to travel around the world just choosing a restaurant.. In a few words I LOVE MILAN.



Your favourite restaurant for dinner on Friday night

I don’t have just one favorite restaurant, it depends on what I would like to eat. When I go out for dinner, I like to try new cuisines, but the real important thing is to have dinner with the people I love.


The best stores to have shopping in the city

I’m not a shopping addicted, but I do love Pinko and Twin Set for clothes and accessories, Intimissimi for underwear, Oysho for pijamas and I love Nove25 too, where you can make your own jewels.


Your perfumes 

Bulgari Omnia Coral, Acqua di Giò and Hugo Boss Orange.


Your last travel and the next

My last travel was a tour of Portugal: Albufeira, Portimao, Sagres, Lagos, Luz, Lisbon and Sintra. My next one will be great, but I still have to know where I will go.



Your favourite artist

I have too many artists I love to mention them all at once. Between my favourite artists in contemporary art I can mention Anish Kapoor, Keith Haring, Bansky, Jonas Burgert, Martin Eder, Velasco Vitali,  Andrei Molodkin, Thèo Mercier, Fabio Viale, Nils Corfitzen, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Igor Mitoraj, Ai WeiWei, Ronald Ventura… I could go on with other contemporary artists or mention some of the great masters, but I’m sure it will be a boring and long list anyone would read!