Marissa Streibl: discover London as never before

Mar 9th, 2017

The life of Marissa Streibl is a real modern day fairy tale – if one wants to stay on the pulse of fashion trends, latest exhibitions and keen to explore a London lifestyle you cannot help but follow Marissa – a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated young lady who is making a name for herself.

My idea of beauty 

For me, beauty is everyday life and I especially enjoy noticing beauty in things that aren’t intentionally pretty.

What I love about my city

It’s more vibrant and lively than any other city I know of – you get to explore something new at every second of the day.

My favourite restaurant for dinner on a friday night 

Take away Wholefoods! 

The best stores to have shopping in the city 

Vintage shops all the way 

My perfume 

L’eau by Issey Miyake

Your last travel and the next 

Latest travel destination was Paris, next is Maastricht 

My favourite artist 

I don’t have a favourite artist, I am attracted to a whole body of works from a range of artists, however Gerhard Richter & Anselm Kiefer always manage to give me that WOW factor which I watch out for when standing in front of a respective piece. The context is crucial. 

IG: @marissalondon