Gordana Hudock: one of the queens of fashion industry in NYC

Mar 6th, 2017

Tall, beautiful and charming. A European woman with a strong character. Gordana Hudock, worked for more that 15 years for Armani, where she was at the guide of the technical design. She works excactly at the intersection of Design and Production, connecting the ideas of designer to the needs of marketing and fabrics. Now she is succesfully working at new amazing projects for Club Monaco. Her innate sense of style and beauty, makes her one of the queen of fashion industry in NYC.

Your idea of beauty

My idea of beauty is everything that creates positive feelings in us.

What you love of your city ?

The energy, sense of opportunity and, above all, diversity of New York City

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night

Fig and Olive in Meat Packing District

The best stores to have shopping in the city ?

Barneys, my all time favorite, Flying Solo and other NoLiTa boutiques that sell young American designers and, of course,  Club Monaco, ha, ha!

Your perfume

Black Saffron by Byredo

Last trip

Afitos, Greece

Next trip

Hopefully Milano with a weekend in Cinque Terre.

Favourite artist

I have 2 favorite artists: Richard Serra and Marina Abramović.