Foresta: from Paris to Sardinia with love

Apr 26th, 2017

Foresta and her mother Laurence Setton “create in India beautiful garments made in precious silks, soft cottons, valuable and loved handloom’s”, founding the exclusive brand Foresta G.
They design unique fabrics which want to transfer all the joy they live and feel creating their collections year after year.
From Paris to Sardina, in the suggesting San Pantaleo, “we bring to our shop the things we fall in love with, from a wonderful pair of confortable shoes to the perfect cashmere blanket and much more. It’s a world of colors, natural fabrics, and our very personal taste that we want to share with you”.

Your idea of beauty
I  was lucky enough to be surrounded by beauty since my youngest age, beautiful paintings, objects, houses , persons, countries…. so i guess i learned very young that it is everywhere, you just have to be able to see it. Beauty is not something physic, or material but it’s an emotion.

What you love of your city 
I’m from Paris, so off course very spoiled, to mention beauty again, it’s in every corner there. what i like the most  is that Parisians are in a way very snob, but also very open minded, the french invented revolution. very often if you sit in a bar, or you have dinner with your friends they always have to complain, and actually they try very hard to change things…. they talk about an argument for hours, or they go down in the streets and they protest! yes ….it’s the perpetual movement that i love about Paris.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night
My favorite restaurant could be anywhere, but it has to include:  an owner with a strong personality,  PASTA, RISOTTO, and PARMIGIANO… so GUESS? It will be in ITALY for sure!

The best stores to have shopping in the city 
The best stores to have shopping in the city….. well, like a good restaurant, it’s the personality of the owner who makes the place.
I like classics, old brands, and very personal creations…. for me “fashion” is about “finding” yourself, your style. once you understand what is good for you, then the fun start!
I’m so lucky that i can do that every day in the shop i created in Sardinia,
Foresta G…. is my very own paradise, we,  my mother and i, travel to bring back the most precious garnments, and  art crafts from all over. we also design fabric that we print on very light cotton….. carpets …..That shop is  my biggest love – www.foresta-g.com


Your perfume 
I’ve been very faithful to “Annick GOUTAL – eau d’hadrien” since I’m 15, a very light lemon water sent.

Your last travel and the next
India, India, and India again, for the people, the food, the colors, the fabrics….I’m also madly in Love with Italy from north to south, for me this country is paradise and an open museum!

Your favourite artist
I don’t have a favorite artist, and it depends on how i feel…But if i really have to choose then it would be ” Pre-Raphaelite” around 1850 /UK.


Foresta Giagheddu
IG: @forestag
Facebook: Foresta G