Danea Panta: an interview with Peru’s next top model

Mar 28th, 2017

Danea is but a Venus. She represents the purest ideal of beauty. Just look in her eyes to feel lost, it will be love at first glimpse !
She is one of the world’s most beautiful and sought after South American models.
Discover some of her secrets now.

Your idea of beauty
For me beauty is a balance between physical beauty and spiritual beauty.

What do you love of your city
I love London because it’s a place with amazing opportunities for everyone.
It’s a place that makes easy adapt your life to it.

Your favourite restaurant for dinner on friday night.
I love many restaurants in London. In this time I will pick Coya.

The best stores to have shopping in the city
Dependes what you want and need, for commercial styles I like Top shop, H&M and Zara. They are always on sale. And for something more classy Harvey Nichols.

Your perfumes
I use Jadore – Dior or The one by Dolce & Gabanna

Your last travel and the next
My last travel and next trip: New York

IG: @daneapanta