Claudia Martino: the art of jewel design

Apr 11th, 2017

When you think about the meaning of innovation, is always difficult to clearly define it. Claudia has been able to transform this word to reality, connecting a traditional and ancient art as the goldsmithing with the last most innovative technologies. Her accessories and jewel brand is born from her passion for design and her love for new digital world. Enjoy the reading.

My name is Claudia Martino, Clod for my friends or anyway since I was 5, when I decided with some determination that I would become a designer; accomplices the architecture journals that my dad, lover of beauty, left around the house.

Today jewelry is my world and I could define myself as a “digital artisan” or, if you like the most a designer maker, in any case absolutely not regretful.

My “artisan soul” has been educated between Rome, Granada and Tunis where I could learn and improve the traditional processing techniques of metals, sometime really ancient.

When I came back in Italy, Milan, where I studied design, I discovered my “digital soul”, falling in love with new creative languages, that innovative techniques as 3D laser and printing offered me. Thanks to this, I ventured into the multifaceted world of graphic, that has become my job, complementary to the world of jewels’s design and creation.

By now I live and work in Rome, my digital soul has taken the upper hand over the artisan one, indeed I principally deal with the design, but when I can, I run into my lab to get my hand dirty and to hear the sound of the metal under the file.

I collaborate with companies and goldsworking laboratory who invest on my ideas and, at the same time, I develop my own projects.

Finally, from 2009, I’m a member of the creative team Zero43 and from some months, together with my fried and colleague I founded my brand of accessories and jewels, Martù Design.


Claudia Martino

IG @martudesign