Marco Dell’Omo

Our history is inextricably linked to the revolutionary spirit of Marco Dell’Omo, our founder. After a diploma in Information Technology, Marco started to work for Armani, an experience that shaped forever his sense of beauty. He learned the purest form of Italian elegance, discipline and meticulous attention to every detail. After two years, he felt the compelling desire to study Design so he enrolled at University where he followed and completed, after three years, the online courses that gave him the opportunity to work in the meantime. In 2011 at the age of 23, Marco left Milan and went to work in New York, a city that would become his second home. Still working for Armani in the technical design department, he lived a legendary period of creativity, contaminated by art, fashion, music and technology, supported by lovers and friends, he decided to found his own company, with the dream to search, create and promote beauty in all its forms. Marco felt the need to come back home, in his beloved Italy, to begin his new adventure. Since then, we create emotions. Our company became a truly integrated and independent revolutionary communication agency..

We create emotions with integrated marketing communications strategy. We build a holistic approach to engage consumers, in a world that is becoming more complex day by day due to the explosion and transformations of communication channels.

Breathtaking photo shooting with world’s best photographers, state of the art worldwide e-commerce and website, hand-made audio and video. We love women so we feature, collaborate and represent the ones that embody the purest ideal of beauty, we call them: Venuses. We work with international companies that demands the power of emotional contents and the highest attention to details. Based in Milan and New York, today we can work from wherever we want, free from the constraints of a conventional office space. As Marco dreamed at the beginning, Internet has given us the opportunity to combine work, passions and travels. We use technology to work from the places we love and live an independent, mobile and fulfilling lifestyle.